Top universities around the world

When it comes to applying for universities, a quality education is highly important. Enrolling yourself in a good University is vital if you want to get the best education and best grades. So to help you look for the best universities all around the world, we’ve gathered some of the top Universities below.

Harvard University

There is no doubt that Harvard University is one of the top universities in the whole world. Many well-known figures including Theodore Roosevelt and John Adams were once a student at Harvard. Many universities specialise on a particular subject, with Harvard, they offer the best law and medicine program for students. Harvard is also known for pushing boundaries in learning. However, to be accepted as a student at Harvard, you will need to have a high score on your subjects.

University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo is mainly popular for students who wants to enrol for business or science related courses. Many experts all around the world visit the university for lectures and important research. To get in, you must be able to speak Japanese as the lectures are carried out in their language.

University of Cambridge

Situated in the UK, the University of Cambridge is famed for its academic excellence and their architectural old buildings and libraries. It is one of the oldest universities in the entire world. Cambridge also offers a hands-on experience on all of their courses. If you’re a residence in the UK and wants to apply, you will have to have a certain number of points in UCAS and will have to undergo a test and an interview.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The MIT solely focus on the growth and development of science and technology. It’s an ideal university for students who wants to study computer science, research laboratories and engineering programs. It is located in the United States, and their campus is built with 34 departments and five schools.