Bespoke V Standard Educational Furniture

When it comes to selecting furniture for schools, there are two main options. One is bespoke furniture, which is made with a unique design and specification for your school. The other is standard furniture, which is much cheaper but less customised.


It’s worth considering both before deciding what type of furniture you want for your school.


Bespoke Educational Furniture


1. Bespoke furniture is custom-made for you

You can choose the design, layout, and specification that works best for your school. Working with an educational interior designer allows you to design bespoke furniture for schools that works with the overall design of the classroom or educational environment. This can include building furniture into walls, adding custom designs or even your schools logo, or coming up with an innovative new idea.


Bespoke classroom furniture


2. Bespoke furniture is made to last

Bespoke furniture is made to be as durable as possible. It will often last well beyond the school years, making it a good investment.


3. For Bespoke furniture, no two pieces are the same

Creating bespoke furniture allows you to focus on what is most important to your teachers and students. Working with a designer allows you to design unique pieces of furniture for every area of the school building, something that is particularly useful if you specialise in a specific area such as STEM or the arts and music.… Read the rest

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Modern School Dining Furniture for Multi-use Spaces

A school setup consists of many activities that take place daily. The number of rooms may be insufficient to carry out these activities, leading to the need for refurbishment to enable them to be used for multiple purposes. The information below shows the different uses of a dining hall in a school and the ways that space-saving furniture can reduce the costs associated with increasing useable space.


Dining halls can be used for lectures in high schools, secondary schools, and colleges. This is done by setting up a projector and other devices such as a laptop in the dining hall. The projector is used to display content onto a screen. The dining hall makes an ideal lecture environment because of its shape. Since the dining hall has many exits and entrances, teachers and students can freely move around. With the additional number of exits and entrances usually found in a dining hall, it is also easier to manage health and safety considerations and fire regulations. With enough capacity, several people can be accommodated while seated comfortably.


The dining hall can also be used for exam purposes. A large amount of capacity allows multiple students to be seated in the hall and prepared for tests.… Read the rest

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