Modern School Dining Furniture for Multi-use Spaces

A school setup consists of many activities that take place daily. The number of rooms may be insufficient to carry out these activities, leading to the need for refurbishment to enable them to be used for multiple purposes. The information below shows the different uses of a dining hall in a school and the ways that space-saving furniture can reduce the costs associated with increasing useable space.


Dining halls can be used for lectures in high schools, secondary schools, and colleges. This is done by setting up a projector and other devices such as a laptop in the dining hall. The projector is used to display content onto a screen. The dining hall makes an ideal lecture environment because of its shape. Since the dining hall has many exits and entrances, teachers and students can freely move around. With the additional number of exits and entrances usually found in a dining hall, it is also easier to manage health and safety considerations and fire regulations. With enough capacity, several people can be accommodated while seated comfortably.


The dining hall can also be used for exam purposes. A large amount of capacity allows multiple students to be seated in the hall and prepared for tests. There are a lot of entrances and exits, which makes it easy to keep track of people in the area. There is a lot of light, making it easy on the eyes during night-time tests and daytime tests on sunny days.


Making use of convertible dining tables such as ConverTables can allow you to easily switch between a dining and lecture or exam set up by changing the configuration of the table. These tables can be used as a bench, perfect for presentations, a single-sided desk, ideal for taking notes in a lecture or completing an exam, or a full-sized cafeteria table.


In infant, primary, and secondary schools, it is essential to have a platform where students can freely move their bodies and be engaged in physical activities. The dining hall can be transformed into a gymnasium by setting up mats and installing ropes, climbing frames, swings, poles, and other assorted equipment. There should also be places for games such as volleyball and badminton. Converting the dining hall into a space for physical education works very well since it does not require a large amount of money to set up when compared to the cost of building an extension.


Installing a wall pocket system is the ideal option as the dining tables are wall-mounted and fold away into a special alcove when not in use, freeing up pretty much the entire floor space for other activities.


The dining room can also be converted into an assembly hall. The dining hall has the capacity to seat a large number of students and also has the space for displaying information or images on projection devices, such as a laptop. With numerous entrances and exits, it is relatively easy to keep track of people who have entered and left. Like in other functions in the dining hall, there is good lighting during both day times and night-time hours, which aids visibility.


Again, the wall pocket system is the ideal option as the tables and benches can be used independently, so you can quickly and easily set up rows of seating for your students to sit comfortably.


If you are looking to increase the amount of usable space in your educational facility without making costly investments in extension projects, modern school dining furniture solutions are definitely worth consideration. ConverTables and wall pocket systems are just two great examples of how adaptable the furniture can be.